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The no color theory

This apartment in the center of Madrid was purchased by our clients as an investment, intending to rent it for long stays while spending little on its rehabilitation. It had 51 m2, sufficient space to accommodate the desired functions: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a spacious kitchen, and a small laundry room. However, it was the darkest and most claustrophobic apartment I had ever seen. It was located on the ground floor, and the only views were towards a very small inner courtyard where no light reached. The apartment had three windows, all facing the inner courtyard. Additionally, it was divided by several load-bearing walls, making the layout challenging. Fortunately, our expertise lies in transforming complicated spaces like this into functional and appealing places.

To solve the layout, we opted for an unusual distribution. We placed the kitchen at the entrance, so you would pass through it to access the other rooms. This allowed us to free up enough space in the rest of the house for the desired functions. Another strong request from the client was to use no colours, only whites and blacks. They mentioned that the absence of color gave them a sense of tranquility. Moreover, they wanted to leave the house as a blank canvas for future tenants to personalise.

The final result is a bright, functional, and serene space. The client refers to it as an oasis of tranquility. We will always remember it as the theory of no color.