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Art and gastronomy lovers

In this house of contrasts, straight lines seamlessly intertwine with curves, modern design harmoniously blends with antique objects, and art finds a natural alliance with nature. Nestled within their own private oasis, a colourful family of seven revels in a blissful space perfectly designed for their particular way of life.

They wanted open interiors where life and energy could flow, and at every corner you turned, there was something inspiring for you to see. I provided them with furniture that had a colourful Scandinavian touch, mixed with inherited antique pieces. The goal was to reflect their vibrant personalities in these designs. It’s not every day you see a bathroom where fluffy furniture coexist with natural orchids nestled within the shower, all enveloped in and dark and dramatic hues.

The woman of the house loves alluring patterns and rich textures that offer her a sense of tranquility, while the man made sure that there was a touch of nature in every room. He also loves cooking, so we gave him the kitchen of his dreams, incorporating three black blocks and an island. Within these blocks, a myriad of functions and features remain concealed aiding him in creating the most exquisite, nourishing, and organic culinary creations imaginable.

We decorated the entrance with a big photograph capturing the essence of the house, featuring the joyful gathering of family and friends in the garden. It has the potential to endure for generations, serving as a memory that encapsulates the essence of the house and its inhabitants during its earliest days of existence. The blend of styles is truly eclectic, vibrant, and one-of-a-kind. Witnessing their genuine enjoyment of their personalised new home makes us very happy.