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Freedom Broker Madrid office

We were tasked with designing the Madrid branch office for a prominent global finance company, strategically located on the iconic Recoletos street. The client provided clear guidelines on their corporate aesthetics: a modern, understated look characterised by clean lines and a specific color palette. They expressed a preference for a traditional office layout, featuring enclosed office compartments to ensure privacy in each area. Our challenge was to efficiently accommodate all the client’s requirements within a confined space, achieving the desired privacy while optimising the layout for an open and airy ambiance.

Within a compact floor area, we strategically placed the reception, a training room, client services, a conference room, the director’s office, a compact additional office and a functional kitchen. Not only did we successfully meet this challenge, but we also managed to craft a welcoming lounge area for both staff and visitors seamlessly integrated with the working spaces. A satisfied client and delighted designers all around!