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Magic in 17m2

This apartment, measuring a mere 17m2 and located in the trendy neighborhood of Malasaña in Madrid, was acquired by my clients as an investment. Their aim was to transform it into a comfortable Airbnb suite, integrating all amenities within these limited square meters: a spacious bedroom, kitchen, dining area, comfortable bathroom with a washing machine, television, and storage space. It was crucial for the owners that the design exuded luxury, all within a budget of €20,000.

We created a concept that completely exceeded their expectations. The bedroom was envisioned as a hotel room, with the bed in a central position. The walls of this room would be adorned with decorative boiserie panels, and some of them could be opened to access different functions. Access points to the bathroom, television, and clothing cabinets would be concealed, practically indistinguishable from the rest of the decorative panels. This way, we achieved an elegant and stately style without compromising on any comfort for the tenants. It was a winning concept, allowing us to fulfil all our clients' desires and surpass their expectations.