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Comfy urban holiday home

A delightful Swedish family with three children envisioned a cozy haven for extended stays and gatherings, a true 'home away from home' in Madrid. They acquired a duplex apartment with an adjoining garden, and it became our canvas for crafting their dream holiday retreat.

Our focus was to optimise the layout, creating a spacious and interconnected ground floor. Expanding bedrooms and introducing two new bathrooms enhanced the living experience.

The exterior saw a remarkable makeover—dim terraces were rejuvenated into bright and inviting spaces, complete with a new open-air kitchen and a generous dining area, ideal for hosting lively gatherings.

Our design aimed to weave an atmosphere where joy abounds, music enchants, and gatherings evolve seamlessly from sunlit lunches to cozy dinners, with the barbecue kindling the night. We adorned the space with my distinctive style—gentle yet lively hues, nature-inspired wallpapers, flawless woodwork, gracefully arched glass doors, walls adorned with wooden panels, and lush plants.

In summary, we crafted a home that is both beautiful and functional, destined to be a sanctuary for the family and a place where cherished memories will blossom with friends and loved ones.